Innovative and sustainable energy solutions

We are a Belgian electromechanical engineering company that develops innovative, high-performance and sustainable solutions in response to tomorrow's major energy challenges, from the idea of a new product to its marketing.

Founded in 2013, Rutten New Energy System (NES) draws on the extensive expertise developed within Rutten Électromécanique (no fewer than 35 patents over the last 40 years!), particularly in the fields of turbines and electricity generation. Driven by a resolutely innovative vision, we are actively committed to developing simple, ingenious solutions in the renewable energy sector.

Our solutions

Energy storage

A hydropneumatic electricity storage system called NES-Store, a high-performance, environmentally friendly, and sustainable alternative to conventional storage technologies (batteries, compressed air, hydrogen, flywheel, etc.).

Combined Heat & Power

A steam engine optimised for cogeneration, the NES-Steam, offers a reliable, high-performance alternative to steam turbines.

The values we stand for


Without innovation, there can be no progress! Faced with unique technical challenges and complex societal issues, it is essential to explore new ideas in a variety of ways. And to generate the ingenious and innovative technologies that will shape the world of tomorrow.


Achieving the highest performance with simple ideas is a constant challenge for us. It is obvious to us: the solutions that we propose must offer competitive returns, both in terms of energy and money.


We develop simple and effective solutions that are designed to be truly sustainable. Our obsession? To build machines designed to last over time and capable of operating with the lowest possible maintenance and servicing costs.